About us

KalpaVriksha IAS is an initiative by a highly dedicated team of UPSC CSE coaches who have mentored UPSC top rankers and are now under one roof. At KalpaVriksha, we strive to make IAS preparation simple, result-oriented, aspirant-friendly and organized. We understand that coaching is not just teaching, a coach himself gets on the field and helps aspirants play a game better than anyone else. Our learning atmosphere is super charged and competitive. KalpaVriksha is not just another coaching institute, we are a launch pad. We nurture, we shape – the nation builders.

We understand that thousands of sharp young aspirants can't pursue their UPSC dream because of high cost of Delhi Coaching Institutes. We are a team of top teachers from the same high-cost coaching institutes who are now committed to make IAS preparation affordable and accessible for sincere aspirants. We aim to empower communities that have been marginalized due to their economic backwardness or developmental gaps. We pledge to make the elite services – inclusive and truly representative.